Club Philopsophy

Club Philosophy

Werribee City FC exists to enable youth development, with a clear pathway from juniors into our senior teams for all players; from 4 years of age through our various programs, for both boys and girls.


We work with the concept of "if you’re good enough you’re old enough”. This development philosophy stands for all - female and male, players and coaches, Miniroos and National Premier League.


Development and support start from the youngest age groups with our Academy and Miniroos, the future of our club. Our players from the youngest to the most experienced semi-professionals are allowed a quality, supportive, educational football experience.


Our accredited coaches provide a safe, enjoyable and professional environment enabling progression towards a fully competitive environment - a clear opportunity to play senior football at Werribee City FC.


We strive to be competitive across all of our age groups and squads, with our long-term uncompromised vision of seeing our players consistently improve and flourish and always remain part of the Werribee City FC family.