Club Philosophy

Football Philosophy
Ages 9 to 11 – Boys & Girls

• Regular season training
• Tuesday and Thursday 5.30pm to 7pm
• Sunday game day

To provide young boys and girls the opportunity to explore football (soccer) at all levels in a safe environment and with
the community as heart. WCFC provide quality coaching to improve players technique coordination and individual tactical ability through all our age groups. The emphasis, especially at the younger age groups, is for the players to be engaged in a safe, fun environment where they will ‘play’ for approximately 80% of the session and be encouraged to try new things, possibly make mistakes, and feel like they are not being judged.

Elite Program NPL Philosophy
Ages 12 to 15

UNDER 12/13/14/15 – MINIMUM half game for all players in this age group

To help players develop necessary technical and tactical skills that are necessary but still appropriate to their stage of development, growth and learning. To support a competitive mindset amongst the players that focus on development and never to extend to the “winning at all cost” mentality. To install a mentality where the spirit of sacrifice and commitment must be at the root of the project, the coach will put the players on the pitch that attend, work hardest and perform well during training.

All training sessions approx 90 mins including:
• Conditioning (age specific)
• Agility
• Fitness (age specific)
• Game formation
• Strategy

New Generation NPL Philosophy
Ages 16 to 18

• Sunday game day
All training sessions will be approx 90 minutes and may include 
• Conditioning / Agility / Fitness

• Formation / Strategy
Possibility to be placed under contract by the club once 17 years of age.

A proactive style of football (soccer) based on effective possession provided by creative individuals and team combination play. All teams will train with a similar technical and tactical program as the seniors and U20’s. To install a winning mentality, where the spirit of sacrifice and commitment must be at the root of the project, the coach will predominantly put the hardest working (in training) players on the pitch that have shown a willingness to learn and improve. There are no guaranteed minutes of game time in a match however there is an attempt that most players will receive a roughly even opportunity to play (training attendance will be considered for team selection).