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Werribee City Football Club (WCFC) will have a new major sponsor on side this season in Benlor Real Estate, reigniting the Fabretto family’s connection to the community. The new partnership will give the club greater support, allowing them to push forward with force in 2018.

Benlor’s Founder Benny Fabretto was the first president of the Italian Sports Club of Werribee in 1971. As the Fabretto family are coming back to the club, the field will be renamed as Benlor Ground in honour of the new major sponsor.

Benny’s son and company Director, Ben Fabretto, described his pride in bringing the family business back to the Werribee community.

“It’s nice for us to return to the club, as it’s a highly regarded part of our community. It’s a pivotal part of the culture in Werribee. The club has 7,500 members, really making it the heart and soul of the town.

“Sponsoring the club is all about supporting the community and reconnecting the family to Werribee City. My Dad was a driving force in establishing the club and he is still a member today. I’m looking forward to having my sons be part of the club too when they’re older.

“As part of the sponsorship, Benlor will be donating 10 percent of our selling fees to WCFC when club members sell their homes with us.”

Giovanni Inserra, WCFC Chairman, recognises that Benlor’s funding will give local players more potential to succeed than ever before.

“Our vision is to develop a senior team made up of talented, young local players that have improved through our junior coaching system. This gives kids the opportunity to play senior football at an elite level.

“Other clubs are focused on winning, and they can lose sight of giving young players genuine opportunities. We want to be successful in the right way. We’re going to do this by giving juniors quality coaching.”

The club’s Marketing Manager, Vincent Sanza, discussed how Benlor’s sponsorship will have a huge impact on the club’s ongoing improvement.

“Benlor is our major sponsor, making them the crown jewel of our club. Their funding will go towards junior development. It’s quite a big relief to have a major sponsor like Benlor on board.

“This club is where Benlor belongs, it’s their second home. It makes sense for them to come back here. Finding a connection that was once lost and rekindling it again with the soccer club is a great thing to have.”

Benny Fabretto was a big part of WCFC in the 70s, and now he and Benlor will stand as a big support once again, boosting community spirit in a mutual love of sport.

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